Monday, July 25, 2011

More Great Books for Beginning Readers

Picture books are great ways to get your kids interested in reading, but they aren't going "Like" reading unless they find something that gets them smiling. As a parent you can't give up and say well my kid just doesn't like to read. It may be that they aren't confident, so you need to sit with them and read together. It can be a very frustrating experience, but you need to encourage and reward. Our daughter will get to watch a movie or a little TV is she reads first. It wasn't always like this. Schools put a lot of pressure on children and it can be very intimidating to them as beginning readers. Reading out loud in class, remember what that was like for you. If your child is in K-1, here are few good books to get them to transition to bigger books. They are absolutely fun to read for boys or girls. Teach your kid to love reading and it will be so much easier for them to bridge to higher grade levels. If you make it fun they'll enjoy it and so will you. One great thing to try and get them involved in reading and books is to write your own picture book with your child. My daughter and I spent hours talking about and writing about Macaroni Joe, the Pasta Man. He would secretly deliver boxes of Macaroni and Cheese to all the kids in the world. She would draw pictures and then we would write what was happening. If you are good at drawing there are even places you can publish your book as single or multiple copies.

Here are a few of my daughter's absolute favorites:

Who wouldn't love to have a pet fly? Need I say more? Ok, so its a story about a boy and his fly.

Henry and Mudge is another great collection of books about a boy and his dog. I know it doesn't quite measure up to a boy and his fly, but these books helped us cross the threshold from early reader to independent reader.

Horrible Harry kept my daughter giggling all day. Ok so he may be Horrible, not really, but definitely gets himself in a few pickles along the way. These are easy reading books that are great for beginning readers who are just starting to get their confidence.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Great Young Reader Picture Books

Let's face it. It is tough to find a kids picture book that won't drive you absolutely bonkers after the second or third reading. However, if you want some books that will help your child get some subliminal education, then maybe a these books are right for you.

This book was read in our household to our 6 year old daughter dozens of times. Your kid will love it as it chronicles the wild plan of an ambitious little boy to go to the moon. I can still hear my daughter shouting "I Have Big Plans"

If you have a little girl kindergarten to 1st or 2nd grade, this is a must own book. Madame President tells the story of a very strong young girl who is acting President. Your child will learn how to hold a press conference and Veto a bill. I still recall the time my wife and I were deciding on dinner, when we made our decision our little daughter said, "Veto. Veto Veto Veto!"

Here is another great Lane Smith book. Provides a very humorous take on some of the Founding Fathers. This book kept our kid in stitches for months. Its a multiple read book that doesn't get tired.