Saturday, July 23, 2011

Great Young Reader Picture Books

Let's face it. It is tough to find a kids picture book that won't drive you absolutely bonkers after the second or third reading. However, if you want some books that will help your child get some subliminal education, then maybe a these books are right for you.

This book was read in our household to our 6 year old daughter dozens of times. Your kid will love it as it chronicles the wild plan of an ambitious little boy to go to the moon. I can still hear my daughter shouting "I Have Big Plans"

If you have a little girl kindergarten to 1st or 2nd grade, this is a must own book. Madame President tells the story of a very strong young girl who is acting President. Your child will learn how to hold a press conference and Veto a bill. I still recall the time my wife and I were deciding on dinner, when we made our decision our little daughter said, "Veto. Veto Veto Veto!"

Here is another great Lane Smith book. Provides a very humorous take on some of the Founding Fathers. This book kept our kid in stitches for months. Its a multiple read book that doesn't get tired.

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